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Scenery Glues, Plasters, Weathering and Water Effects, Risers and Inclines,

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JTT 95404 Grass Mat Med Green
GRASS MAT, HO-scale - 50" x 100"Medium Green Rolls out to create an instant base for landscaping a..
NZ $44.95
Ex Tax: NZ $39.09
JTT 95535 Cattails
JTT Scenery Products HO 95535 (BU-1035) 3/4" Cattails (24 Pack) What's more authentic in a wate..
NZ $19.95
Ex Tax: NZ $17.35
Noch 53007 HO Double Track Helix Set, 9 segments, 8mm
 Helix HO, Double Track R 481/542,8 mmLaggies-Helix is the perfect solution for getting over di..
NZ $379.95
Ex Tax: NZ $330.39
Noch 53107 HO Add-On Pack for Double Track Helix, 6 segments, 8mm
 For getting over greater differences in elevation any number of construction-circles can be bu..
NZ $349.95
Ex Tax: NZ $304.30
Peco PS-36 LANDFORM (plaster/cloth bandage 150mm x 2.75metre roll)
Landform MaterialPlaster/Cloth roll 150mm x 2.75m A roll of plaster-impregnated cloth that makes it ..
NZ $14.95
Ex Tax: NZ $13.00
Peco PS-360 Brake Dust & Rust Weathering Powder (75ml tub)
Brake dust and rust could find its' way onto anything around a train, yard or station...
NZ $14.95
Ex Tax: NZ $13.00
Peco PS-361 Snow/China Clay Dust Weathering (75ml tub)
For weathering wagons or the yards they frequent, or for those wanting to give a seasonal feel to th..
NZ $14.95
Ex Tax: NZ $13.00
Peco PS-363 Limestone Dust Weathering Powder (75ml tub)
For weathering around quarries or the wagons and locos that frequent them...
NZ $14.95
Ex Tax: NZ $13.00
Peco PS-364 Ash Dust Weathering Powder (75ml tub)
A weathering powder to give a working feel to locos, wagons, and anything (or anybody!) found around..
NZ $14.95
Ex Tax: NZ $13.00
Peco PS-365 Road Surface Weathering Powder (75ml tub)
A fine powder to give a light texture to a model road surface...
NZ $14.95
Ex Tax: NZ $13.00
Scenic Express EX0060 Plaster Wrap
8" Wide by 15 feet long, PlasterWrap is fast becoming the preferred method for super lightweight she..
NZ $24.95
Ex Tax: NZ $21.70
Woodland Scenics C1180 Shaper Sheet Plaster
Shaper Sheet Plaster offers an extended working time and bonds with Shaper Sheet to form a permanent..
NZ $26.95
Ex Tax: NZ $23.43
Woodland Scenics C1202 Mold-A-Scene Plaster
Mold-A-Scene dries to a hard, textured shell with a natural, tan color. You can work it with your ha..
NZ $26.95
Ex Tax: NZ $23.43
Woodland Scenics C1203 Plaster Cloth
Plaster Cloth is the easy, convenient method for modeling lightweight land contours and terrain base..
NZ $21.95
Ex Tax: NZ $19.09
Woodland Scenics C1205 Flex Paste
This flexible, non-cracking modeling paste can be used to create a hard surface, as a filler or prim..
NZ $35.95
Ex Tax: NZ $31.26
Woodland Scenics C1212 Water Effects
Use to model fast-moving water features, such as waterfalls, rapids, waves or churning water. Also g..
NZ $36.95
Ex Tax: NZ $32.13
Woodland Scenics S190 Scenic Glue
A specially-formulated, non-odorous adhesive for applying landscape materials. Scenic glue is a thic..
NZ $18.95
Ex Tax: NZ $16.48
Woodland Scenics S191 Scenic Cement
Scenic Cement is a ready-to-use spray or brush-on adhesive specially formulated to glue Ballast, Tur..
NZ $20.95
Ex Tax: NZ $18.22
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