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Oxford 76HI001 Hillman Imp Willow Green

Brand: Oxford
Product Code: IH-16415
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NZ $12.95

 The Hillman Imp harks back to 1963 when, as a small economy car, it was made by the Rootes Group and from 1967 by its successor Chrysler Europe.  Designed by F1 driver Michael Parkes and Tim Fry, the Imp was developed as a direct competitor to the BMC Mini.  It featured a rear 875cc engine with aluminium engine block and cylinder head, rear-wheel drive and had a unique opening rear hatch to allow luggage storage on the back seat rest. The back seat was also unusual for its time as it folded down.   Other technical attributes included a 4-speed manual all-synchromesh gear box, an automatic choke and gauges for temperature, voltage and oil pressure.  For its time, it was considered very advanced with all its unique features.  It was also popular as a rally car raced by both men and women drivers with some great successes.  The Hillman Imp ceased production in 1976 and over its 13 years of manufacture clocked up over 440,000 sales.

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