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Oxford 76SET62  3-Piece Set Bubble Car

Oxford 76SET62 3-Piece Set Bubble Car

Brand: Oxford
Product Code: IH-27213
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NZ $45.95

 Three-piece Bubble Car set in 1:76 scale.  

76MBC001 Messerschmitt KR200 Cabrio in bright mimosa yellow with black roof, registered 171 DPO, dates from the 1950s and was designed by German designer Fritz Fend. The interior is also black and the two seats are positioned in tandem for a driver and one passenger. Access was by the hinged ‘lid’ which was secured on one side and covered the occupants in its monocoque construction. 

Second in the line-up is the 76HE001 Henkel Trojan RHD in Roman Blue. It is registered 527 ERX and is based on the real vehicle produced overseas between 1956 and 1958 before manufacturing continued under licence in the UK. Decorated in pale blue with silver trim, the tandem 2-seater Trojan sports a cream interior with intricate tartan seats with grey trim and black dashboard. The sunroof is also masked black. Access on the real thing was by the only door on the front.

The final addition is the 7615001 BMW Isetta decorated in bright red with grey interior, registered 60 PHN. Dating back to the 1950s, it was the world’s top selling single cylinder car of the age and its shape spawned the name Bubble Car which was to be the generic term for future three-wheelers of this type.

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