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Books on New Zealand Railways & other Countries

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A West Coast Engineman
Author: Ian Tibbles Publisher: New Zealand Railway & Locomotive Society Signing on at Gre..
NZ $69.95
Ex Tax: NZ $60.83
Addington Railway Workshops
At long last an excellent book depicting the history in photos and text on the famous Addington Rail..
NZ $49.95
Ex Tax: NZ $43.43
An Identification Key to NZR Locomotives
This guide to all New Zealand Railways steam locomotive classes is unique in using a key, a type of ..
NZ $14.95
Ex Tax: NZ $13.00
Danger Ahead
Despite what you may think, railway accidents are rare events. This makes this book a excellent read..
NZ $49.95
Ex Tax: NZ $43.43
Dennistons Incline - Coal from the Clouds
Situated at the mouth of the Buller River on the northern section of the South Islands West Coast is..
NZ $49.95
Ex Tax: NZ $43.43
More Than Just A Place of Work Hillside Dunedin
Standing tall in south Dunedin, Hillside Railway Workshops was a significant employer and generator ..
NZ $65.00
Ex Tax: NZ $56.52
North Island Branch Lines
This book has a excellent selection of photographs designed to illustrate typical working lines in t..
NZ $44.00
Ex Tax: NZ $38.26
NZ Railways Freight Rolling Stock Plan Book Volume 2
Author: Fred J. Lee Publisher: New Zealand Railway & Locomotive Society Each wagon is ..
NZ $31.00
Ex Tax: NZ $26.96
NZR,s Ja Class Locomotives
This booklet is based on the Ja Class chapter in the NZR Steam Locomotive...
NZ $12.95
Ex Tax: NZ $11.26
NZR,s Ww Class Locomotives
35 pages of Black and White and Colour photos...
NZ $12.95
Ex Tax: NZ $11.26
Railway Stations in the Landscapes of New Zealand
New Zealand has some wonderful landscapes, and some interesting railway stations. This is the first ..
NZ $12.95
Ex Tax: NZ $11.26
Reflections on Charming Creek
Written by Bill Prebble this excellent 188 page book covers the history up until today on the Mills..
NZ $49.95
Ex Tax: NZ $43.43
This book is based on information of the railway between Upper Hutt and Featherston, and the rail ro..
NZ $49.95
Ex Tax: NZ $43.43
South Island Railway Stations
Excellent Book from the Sean Millar Stable of NZ Railway Books .This book covers in full colour all ..
NZ $19.95
Ex Tax: NZ $17.35
Steam Inclined, Memories of ex-coaster Byron Marinan
Steam Inclined features the story of a former West Coast engine driver, Bryon Marinan. Born in Black..
NZ $79.00
Ex Tax: NZ $68.70
The NZR Steam Locomotive
This noteworthy book covers the development and operation of the NZR steam locomotive. Bringing toge..
NZ $75.95
Ex Tax: NZ $66.04
Trains on the Trunk
.This new release is a celebration of the building, maintaining and operating the North Island Main ..
NZ $49.95
Ex Tax: NZ $43.43
Wellington,s Railway Stations
Usual Sean Millar quality detail Book with 47 pages in full colour of Wellington and surrounding dis..
NZ $19.95
Ex Tax: NZ $17.35
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