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Glues & Putty

Glues and putties by Hot StuffHumbrol, Revell, Tamiya, Testors and Zap,

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Great Planes 6001 PRO CA Thin 1/2 oz Glue (1-3 secs)
As with all Great Planes products, our engineers have tested and evaluated all of the important char..
NZ $9.95
Ex Tax: NZ $8.65
Humbrol AE0603 Balsa Cement, 24ml Tube
Manufacturer: Humbrol Scale: Any or multiple scales Product Code: AE0603 Product Title: 24ml Bals..
NZ $8.95
Ex Tax: NZ $7.78
Humbrol AE4021 Poly Cement, 12ml Tube
Humbrol Poly Cement 12ml Medium Tube Polystyrene Plastic Glue. Humbrol Model Glues Adhesives Cements..
NZ $4.95
Ex Tax: NZ $4.30
Microscale MI-1 Micro Set 1 oz. bottle (Decal Setting Solution/Remover)
 Description: Micro Set is a very versatile decal setting solution that does several things to ..
NZ $10.95
Ex Tax: NZ $9.52
MicroScale MI-2 Micro Sol 1 oz. bottle (Decal Setting Solution)
 Description: Micro Sol setting solution is for the most difficult irregular surfaces to be fou..
NZ $10.95
Ex Tax: NZ $9.52
Proses PG-01 Ballast & Scenic Bond (Concentrated) with Eye Dropper and Mixing Bottle
 ●Proses PG-01 Glue is a condensed, water based, odorousless, easy to use and non-toxic glue. Y..
NZ $32.95
Ex Tax: NZ $28.65
Tamiya 87012 Cement with Brush - 20ml Bottle
•This is a liquid cement for styrene resin models. •It has an excellent bonding characteristic! •C..
NZ $6.95
Ex Tax: NZ $6.04
Tamiya 87051 Epoxy Putty - Quick Type
Tamiya's Epoxy Putty has earned the trust of modelers everywhere with its smooth finish and ease of ..
NZ $13.95
Ex Tax: NZ $12.13
Tamiya 87052 Epoxy Putty Smooth Surface, 25g
Tamiya's epoxy putty in a smooth surface formula. This version smoothes easier than previous version..
NZ $13.95
Ex Tax: NZ $12.13
Tamiya 87053 Putty, Basic Type 32g
A Grey putty used to fill in cracks / gaps on injection molded kits. Can also be used for repairing ..
NZ $8.95
Ex Tax: NZ $7.78
Tamiya 87095 White Tamiya Putty
The currently available Tamiya Putty (Basic Type) has long been praised by modellers for its high qu..
NZ $8.95
Ex Tax: NZ $7.78
Tamiya 87113 Limonene Cement (40ml Bottle)
 Easy to Use Cement  This cement uses limonene extracted from citrus fruits and is very sa..
NZ $8.95
Ex Tax: NZ $7.78
Tamiya 87134 Limonene Cement - Extra Thin (40ml Bottle)
 Extra thin cement is very useful for plastic model assembly as it can be flowed into areas lik..
NZ $8.95
Ex Tax: NZ $7.78
Tamiya 87137 Cement For ABS
 This new cement is specially formulated for use with ABS plastic parts such as the masts in 1/..
NZ $7.95
Ex Tax: NZ $6.91
Tamiya 87138 CA Cement Accelerator
 This CA Cement Accelerator enables quicker curing of CA cement.  Apply the accelerator to..
NZ $16.95
Ex Tax: NZ $14.74
Tamiya 87139 Tamiya CA Cement - Strong (3g tube)
 This CA Cement (Strong) offers greater resistance against impacts compared to conventional CA ..
NZ $9.95
Ex Tax: NZ $8.65
Tamiya 87182 Extra-Thin Cement - 40ml Bottle (Quick-Setting)
Tamiya Extra Thin Cement is widely popular glue among modelers around the world. You will find it in..
NZ $8.95
Ex Tax: NZ $7.78
Woodland Scenics S190 Scenic Glue
A specially-formulated, non-odorous adhesive for applying landscape materials. Scenic glue is a thic..
NZ $18.95
Ex Tax: NZ $16.48
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